Tuesday 25 Sep 2018

Please Note: We are moving towards a single site with more up to date images and information regarding the AquaTheatre tank and our services. Please visit www.aquaticimpact.co.uk


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The AquaTheatre

is the worlds largest portable filming tank to offer all round visibility. This is one very special, very versatile tank...

When not on the road the AquaTheatre lives at our facility in Bourne, near Peterborough, filled with lovely warm, clear and clean water ready for film use or photo shoot. So if you don't have your own location, come and shoot at our place!

Please enjoy exploring our site :)


NEWSFLASH!! - The AquaTheatre is currently available for day photoshoots and filming most weekdays and some weekends. This is a fantastic opportunity to shoot your chosen subjects underwater, without the need for special cameras or underwater lighting! Please contact us for a copy of our 2018 price list!

The water is heated and crystal clear and almost any kind of still/video shoot can be catered for. Click here for full details


Our resident underwater synchro team and the AquaTheatre on BGT. Click for more...
Tank on ALOTO 8 times!
The more celebs we dunk the better! The AquaTheatre is a staple games platform for ALOTO... Click for more...
Shoot at our place!
Finally we can welcome you to use our tank at our place - click for more...